CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention)


(Crisis Prevention Intervention)

Educates and empowers professionals to create safe and respectful work environments.

Learning and understanding CPI helps define crisis developmental in terms of four distinct and identifiable behavior levels. Raise awareness of nonverbal communication during interventions.
Foster an awareness of the fact that how a verbal statement is delivered impacts how a message is received. Identify different levels of defensive behavior in the Verbal Escalation Continuum.

Behavior Modification

Promoting positive behavior using person-centered supports.

Learning how to define challenging behavior. Examine factors that can trigger challenging
behavior. Develop an understanding of why challenging behavior occurs. Explore changing our
perspectives toward challenging behavior.

Activities Professional

The key to providing quality of life experiences for residents/clients.

The activity professional is the one who treasures each client’s history, respects their needs, and enables their potential and dreams to be recognized. Learn how to address the whole person and
his or her cultural, spiritual, physical, and educational needs. Learn how to use community resources and how to introduce it to clients.

Sexual Harassment Training

Enable employers and employees to identify and avoid and/or correct behavior which might harm others and lead to liability. Also, this training meets the requirements for Administrators/Managers and staff.

Medication Training

Follow written and/or oral instructions to administer medications and document dosages and times.

Assist prescribed medication to clients and provide support. Performing basic medical check-ups, providing client care, updating records and filling in forms. Understanding the basic rules
and duties of assisting with passing medications.

Fire Extinguisher Training

It is imperative that employees undergo appropriate fire extinguisher training specifically designed for your clients.

Establish a Fire Prevention Plan- a fire prevention plan provides facilities with documentation outlining the employees responsible for identifying combustible materials, fire hazards and heat-
producing equipment. It also outlines the procedures necessary to prevent potential emergencies.

Business Coach

Assist and guide the business owner to the next level. Mountain Top Health Care Consultant can take you from heights to greater heights.

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